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Best Dogs With Children

An important consideration of families with children is what kind of dog they should adopt. You don’t want a breed that is touchy or obstinate, or one that is too big. On the other side of the issue are the toy breeds, sometimes referred to as “teacup” breeds. These dogs are so tiny and . . .  Read More





Canine Depression

Some people don’t believe that dogs can experience emotions to the same degree as humans. But I think they can. When I am sick, my dogs will curl up next to me in bed. When I’m sad, . . .  Read More




Care and Nurture of Older Dogs

Older dogs are like younger dogs in needing a special place to sleep at night, the right nutrition, exercise and just the right balance of love and affection. However, our senior canine friends have some special needs . . .   Read More





Nobody Was Mad at Barney

Everybody was always mad at George Bush. I would I hear about it on the news every night.  Some were mad about the War in Iraq, and others were angry about the National Debt. Many were skeptical of . . . Read More




poodle[1][1]Peppy Poodle

I am not sure why poodles have gained a reputation for being brainless. Nothing could be further from the truth! Poodles are quite intelligent. They have an exceptional learning ability and retain most of what they learn. They are also hypoallergenic . . . Read More





Doggies, etc. Sept 011Rat Terrier Facts

 Everyone loves the Rat Terrier — Even the President of the United States. In 1901, when President Theodore Roosevelt and his family moved into the White House, it was suffering from rat infestation. The rats had . . . Read More




YorkieYorkshireTerrierLiliDog5[1][1]The Irresistible Yorkie

The Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkie,” as it is commonly known is a “big dog in a little dog’s body!” They are absolutely fearless and insanely loyal to their people. Weighing only 7 pounds and standing only 5 to 8 inches high, the Yorkshire Terrier will quickly become the Alpha Dog of your entire pack (including the humans). Yorkies are hypoallergenic . . . Read More





The Rat Terrier

Here is some Rat Terrier trivia:
The Twenty-Sixth President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, gave the Rat Terrier its name. When Roosevelt and his family moved into the White House, it was in the infested with rats. President Roosevelt’s two Feist Terriers (part of the gene pool that eventually became the Rat Terrier), were let loose in the White House the rats vanished. They killed . . . Read More






The Yorkshire Terrier

You will not find a cuter, more interesting, spirited little canine than a Yorkshire Terrier. With their long beautiful coats and winning personalities, they . . . Read More