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Tipsy[1]Artificial Fingernails

Acrylic nails are beautiful and stylish. But what do you do when you can no longer wear them? When you take off acrylic nails, you nail beds look like they have a disease. In fact, they may be . . . Read More




How About an Instant Face Lift?

When a woman is in her twenties and thirties, she considers the idea of a face lift laughable. . . . Read More



Obsession With Obesity

The Weight-Loss Media Machine : There is an enormous amount of money being devoured by the fast-food industry, weight-loss clinics, the manufacturers of plus-sized clothing, the diet-food and diet pill industry, stars who lose weight, stars who gain weight, stars who work out, exercise equipment producers, work-out centers and work-out gear, blogs about . . . Read More