The Weight-Loss Media Machine

There is an enormous amount of money being devoured by the fast-food industry, weight-loss clinics, the manufacturers of plus-sized clothing, the diet-food and diet pill industry, stars who lose weight, stars who gain weight, stars who work out, exercise equipment producers, work-out centers and work-out gear, blogs about weight loss (that advertise weight-loss products on their sites), personal trainers, diet gurus (think Jillian – on “The Biggest Winner”), weight-loss hypnosis, public service announcements on the importance of good nutrition, and so on, ad infinitum. The obesity issue is a gravy train.

Don’t Get Caught With a Chubby Chihuahua.

Another hungry beast gulping down a lion’s share of the obesity-related money is the field of medicine. Cardiologists treat obesity-related heart disease, and the pharmaceutical industry is cooking up Statin drugs faster than cholesterol-clogged people can swallow them. Type-2 diabetes is boiling over with middle-aged consumers. Insulin, syringes and other diabetes-related products line the shelves of every drug store. Bariatric surgeons are enjoying a feast of flubbery clients (while the lap-band procedure is still legal and with a “get-it-while-it’s hot” greediness), and dietary supplement conglomerates are catering the whole grandiose affair. Even our paunchy pets are feeding on obesity-related dog-and-cat-food products. Far be it for anyone to be seen with a chubby Chihuahua!

We Love Those Lattes!

On a normal workday, a person stops off at the Java Hut for a tall, nonfat mocha latte. When she gets to work, she nibbles on low-fat wheat crackers and a nonfat sour-cream-and-zero-calorie-salsa dip. Lunch is an item from the Guiltless Grill. After work, she slips on her exercise gear and tennis shoes and heads off to the gym for a pre-dinner workout. At home, she a serves up a low-calorie, low-fat dinner – followed by a sugar-free dessert. She drinks a sugar-free carbonated drink while she relaxes in front of the television set and munches on a slice last night’s vegetarian, low-fat pizza and downs a handful of dietary supplements.

Catering to the All-Consuming Consumer

The media has an obsession with obesity because they are catering to the consumerism of the millions of overweight people who buy, wear, eat, drink, invest in, and avail themselves of the weight-loss industry’s products, services, and medicine. Even though it would yield the same results, how boring is it to eat three balanced meals a day and engage in a walk around the block after dinner?

Business as Usual

As long as there are super-sized fast-food establishments and restaurants that insist on turning out gargantuan, high-calorie meals – there will always be overweight, obese, unhealthy people. It looks like the media is going to be obsessed with the issue of obesity for a long, long time. So, go head. Jump on the gravy train and have at it.