An Excellent Diamond Alternative

Synthetic diamonds and their variations are a good alternative to mined diamonds and are a fraction of the cost. I don’t know how young people afford real diamonds for engagement and wedding rings. There are so many more important priorities for a new couple to concentrate on before going into debt . . . Read More




Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is what gives a diamond its sparkle and perfection. The less flaws and imperfections inside or on the surface of a diamond, the better the clarity.  There are two . . . Read More



Gold or Silver?

I just read a post entitled Some Men are Fools where the writer talks about her boyfriend asking her whether or not she wanted white gold or silver in an engagement ring.  I have known women who have had both. . . . Read More




What is an Amorphous Diamond?

An amorphous diamond is a simulated diamond that is created by a completely unique process. This stone is composed of millions of tiny diamond crystals that are bonded or aligned together. These carbon bonds are infused into a crystal that make . . . Read More