Well, since I have had the raging flu and have spoken to my mom, it seems like all she can say is, “Go to the doctor. You need antibiotics.”. . . Read More



Boomerang Kids

The kids are grown and out on their own. You’ve turned their rooms into a sewing room, a computer room, and a guest room (your favorite), complete with lace curtains, satin bedspread, and glass nick-knacks . . . Read More





You just can’t throw out an “old friend,” even if it is just a stuffed animal.  When I was a child, I was given a yellow stuffed bunny for Easter. I immediately fell in love with her and took her with me everywhere. One vacation, I forgot to pick up Bunny on our . . . Read More



Young Family Having Fun In Park

Empty Nest

Children leaving home and mid-life crisis are two ships in the night that should never cross. However – most commonly – they do.  When a child leaves home, his parents are left at odds with   . . . Read More



Kids’ Halloween Costumes for Under $15.00

Halloween doesn’t have to be a dreaded season of expense and credit card purchases. It should, instead, be a time of fall excitement, creativity and, most of all, family fun and candy! But, for many families — especially those with multiple children — Halloween often ends up being . . . Read More



Grandbabies 11-12-09 168

Nana’s Week-End

Last week-end, my grandchildren tested the limits of my patience. I’m not used to being held captive by little people. But, like it or not, they were stuck with me while their single mother was in . . . Read More




New Glasses

Children just don’t get any cuter than Noah Fisher, the little guy in the photograph accompanying this post, in his new glasses. As you can see, little Noah was prescribed . . . Read More


A young boy casts a mesmerized look, amazed he is talking to Santa Claus!

Santa for Autistic Children

How about some good news?   Shopping malls all across Canada are setting a new precedent in accommodating the handicapped — specifically, children with autism — with Santa for autistic children. They are opening early so that autistic children can have their . . . Read More



Tattoo-001Teens, Tattoos and Body Piercings

According to the Urban Youth Workers Institute, much of the literature detailing the risks of tattooing dates back to the early 1900s. Sadly, this is an indicator of society’s level of concern for the physical and mental wellbeing of its children . . . Read More




The Joys of Being a Grandparent

During my childhood years, the time I spent with my grandparents is a still a treasured memory. I am luckier than they were because . . . Read More



Working Moms

Being a working mom is like being a rocket on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral. Every morning you prepare and prepare and prepare, but at any given point, you may have to abort the . . . Read More