A young boy casts a mesmerized look, amazed he is talking to Santa Claus!

How about some good news? 

Shopping malls all across Canada are setting a new precedent in accommodating the handicapped — specifically, children with autism — with Santa for autistic children. They are opening early so that autistic children can have their pictures taken with Santa Clause. Normally, the mall is crowded, confusing and noisy, which makes the experience for autistic children a big challenge that they should not have to face. 

Malls are lowering the lights and opening their doors earlier — before the mall opens up to the general public — so that autistic kids can have an enjoyable experience having their picture taken with Santa for autistic children.

There are nine malls participating and all are owned by Oxford Properties.

Kudos to Oxford Properties for the step they have taken to help with Santa for autistic children!!!