Boost Your Grocery Budget

You are probably looking for ways to boost your grocery budget. This is because everything you need has gone up in price. “More for less” is the catchphrase of 2015.  But there are ways to cut through all of . . . Read More




Easy Recipes for New Brides

When I had my wedding shower back in 1981, my best friend’s mother gave me this practical piece of matrimonial advice on easy recipes for new brides:  She said, “When you get home from work in the evening, go directly to the kitchen. Pick out an onion from the pantry, peel off its outer layer and place it on your cutting board. Now, slice . . . Read More



hamburger1[1]Juicy Hamburgers With Ice Cubes

Combine salt, pepper and garlic powder in a bowl. You can also add cumin, chili powder, salsa or any other seasonings you like to use. Work chopped onion or onion powder into the meat for . . . Read More




Low Calorie Jicama

Low calorie jicama (pronounced hi-ka-ma) is a vegetable in the bean family that is a taproot. Taproots are large, tapering roots — like carrots, radishes and beets — that grow downwards and form a center. Roots then sprout from the center. This strange-looking vegetable has a crisp, fleshy interior and an inedible, . . . Read More