Combine salt, pepper and garlic powder in a bowl. You can also add cumin, chili powder, salsa or any other seasonings you like to use. Work chopped onion or onion powder into the meat for added flavor. Now wrap hamburger meat around an ice cube and form into a thick patty. Place finished hamburger patties into the freezer for one to two hours before grilling. Finished hamburgers will stay firm as they grill, and the ice cube will melt during grilling, leaving you with moist, savory well-done burgers.

Stove Top with Ice Cubes

Well-done, stove-top burgers can be just as moist as those that are grilled by using ice cubes in the frying pan. First, combine spices and ground beef in a bowl. Work spices into the meat thoroughly. Form into three-fourth inch patties and freeze for one to two hours. Place cold hamburger patties in preheated frying pan. Place one ice cube per patty in the spaces between the hamburgers. Cover but leave a vent for the steam to escape. The melting ice cubes and steam will infuse just the right amount of moisture into the cooking burgers.

Crushed Ice Cubes

Well-done burgers with lots of moisture can be achieved by adding two or three crushed ice cubes per pound of ground beef. First mix spices and ground beef, and then add crushed ice. Fold crushed ice throughout ground beef. Form into patties and freeze for two hours. Grill or cook on stove top. The ice will melt and add moisture to your burgers.

Melted Ice Cubes

Melt ice cubes so that the result is three-fourths ice water and one-fourth melting ice. Use one ice cube per hamburger patty. After ice is three-fourths of the way melted, fold it a little at a time into the hamburger spice mixture. Form patties to your liking and freeze them for up to two hours. The cold temperature in the freezer will keep your patties firm. Then grill on the stovetop or barbecue. Your burgers will be well done and juicy at the same time.

The Secret

The secret for having juicy, yet well-done hamburgers is the ice cube. You can make hamburgers with whole, crushed or melted ice cubes and grill them on the barbecue or broiler or cook them on the stove. The ice cube secret will make your family think that, as a cook, you are positively inspired!