Vascular surgeon and wound specialist, Dr. John Crew, from Seton Medical Center in Daily City, California, has discovered a major cure for flesh-eating bacteria. He flushes out the wounds with a wound-cleansing product that contains hypochlorous acid, a common disinfectant. This same chemical is actually produced in the body’s white cells when it is fighting an infection. It is the same chemical combination found in pool cleansers and food disinfecting products. 

Normally, dead tissue within a wound is excised. Dr. Crew did the surgery on a recent patient and irrigated the area with NeutroPhase – which contains hypochlorous acid. The infection stopped. When it appeared on another part of the patient’s body, Dr. Crew simply irrigated the tissue without having to cut away tissue. This was successful and the infection stopped.

By inserting a catheter into an infected area and irrigating it with NeutroPhase, it appears that this can cure the infection and removed the need for amputation.