In Latin, the word, advenio, means “to come to.” When we celebrate Advent, we are celebrating the coming of Christ! For us Catholics, it is a period of preparation that lasts for four Sundays before Christmas. Today is the first Sunday of Advent. On each of the four Sundays of Advent we . . . Read More





Avoiding Holiday Horrors

For many people Thanksgiving can be Excedrin Headache #24, which — by the way — coincides with the date of this year’s Thanksgiving. They have . . . Read More



Christmas Penny

Beat Your Holiday Blues

Holiday blues or holiday depression is a very common phenomenon. While it can occur at any holiday time, the December holidays seem to generate more depression than  . . . Read More




Save Money at Christmastime

We all know how Christmas costs can add up. There are presents for the kids and the relatives. Maybe you are wanting to give a little something to the mailman and the refuse  . . . Read More




Whack Friday

Here are some of today’s article titles from a common online news aggregate:* “Mall mayhem…”  “Suspected shoplifter shot after dragging . . . Read More