Get Rid of Toilet Bowl Ring

Even when your toilet is clean and disinfected, stains can still remain. Nevertheless, a ring in the toilet does not give a visitor a good impression. In addition to lime deposits, your toilet can become a breeding ground for black mold spores. Spores are hard to get rid of, but you can eradicate them . . . Read More




Green Stain Removal

There are poisonous, caustic, and downright messy ways to remove stains from fabrics, counter tops, tile, carpet or wherever. But in a home with small children, these products are strictly out of the question for . . . Read More




frameless-shower-enclosures-design-decorating-10[1]How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are beautiful when maintained.  But when they are covered with soap residue and mineral deposits, they’re not so attractive.  The good news is that there are more ways that you would imagine to keep glass doors clean and shiny.  Some of them are products that you may . . . Read More




Organizing Problem Areas

Every home has a dumping zone where school books, tennis racquets, coats, and umbrellas are dropped off when the family arrives at  . . . Read More


homeguides_articles_thumbs_cluttered_closet_2.jpg.600x275_q85_crop[1]The Cluttered Closet

When you step into your walk-in closet, do you feel inundated with  . . . Read More