Glass shower doors are beautiful when maintained.  But when they are covered with soap residue and mineral deposits, they’re not so attractive.  The good news is that there are more ways that you would imagine to keep glass doors clean and shiny.  Some of them are products that you may already have in your home.


White Vinegar:

Apply with a nonabrasive nylon scrubber.  Gently scrub the glass and rinse.  In between treatments, either wipe down the glass after your shower or use a squeegee on it.  After you have done the initial cleaning, you can spray on full-strength vinegar once a week and rinse to maintain clean shower doors.  Be sure to wear a mask and have as much ventilation as possible.


WD 40 Spray:

Spray WD 40 on glass doors and wipe clean.  Form a barrier against residue build up by spraying  the glass lightly and wiping up the excess.  Remember to wear a mask and ventilate.


Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

Squeeze toilet bowl cleaner on glass doors and spread it around with a bristle brush.  Rinse it completely off.  Be sure to test a small area on your shower door, metal runner and bathtub to make sure that it is not caustic.  Absolutely wear rubber gloves, wear a mask and ventilate bathroom.


Fabric Softener Sheets:

Wet a fabric softener sheet adequately and wipe down shower doors.  Rinse thoroughly.  It will also leave your hands feeling soft and clean.

A variation on the dryer-sheet cleaning method is to wipe the glass show doors with a dryer sheet that you do not wet.  Then rinse.

One more variation is to add a little baking soda to a wet dryer sheet or two, scrub door and rinse.


Corn Starch:

Make a paste of cornstarch and water.  Scrub glass doors and rinse.


Fine Grade Steel Wool:

Scrub your glass door with fine grade steel wool and rinse.  Be sure to test a tiny corner section to make sure that the steel wool doesn’t scratch the glass.  The finest grade shouldn’t.


Mr. Clean Eraser with Dishwashing Liquid:

Add a drop of liquid dishwashing liquid to a Mr. Clean Eraser.  Scrub door.  Wipe product off glass.  Wipe again with a clean towel for super shine.

Glass wax, car wax, “Bring It On,” Fuller Eraser Wonder Sponges, CLR Surface Protector, Soft Scrub, Cascade Dishwasher Liquid, Zap, Foamy Lime Away, “Once Over Hard Water Remover,”  Mr. Clean Erasers, Bar Keepers Friend, and Clean Shower will do the job also.  These products or the products detailed earlier will give leave your glass shower doors sparkling clean and add years to their life.