Well Good Morning!

I know that is a bit late for that greeting, but I have been battling the worst case of the flu that I’ve had in ages. Actually, today I feel a little bit better. My fever is gone, and that condition improved my lot a great deal!!! It’s amazing just how horrible you can feel when you have a 100 (+) degree Fahrenheit fever. When that drops, it means that life suddenly gets a whole lot more tolerable. 

We are staying home tomorrow on Thanksgiving and not going to our friends’ as we had previously planned to do. I let my mom know so that she could tell everyone at the celebration we were not able to go to. I wouldn’t want ANYONE to get this scourge, and I don’t think that I could make it for very long — if we did go. So my hubby is going to bring home a couple of turkey dinners for the two of us. 

Oh, well. Life could be a whole lot worse. While I was sick, I did all my Christmas shopping online! Wow, was that ever easy!!!

Wishing all of my Bubblews buddies, family and everyone else a really Happy Thanksgiving!