Good Morning Folks!

Well I am still sick and getting really SICK of being sick!!! This flu is a bad one!!! No fever anymore, though, so I actually feel good enough to sit up and write. Life is good though. Just have to get over this bump. I am not able to take the flu vaccine because of the suspension that they put the vaccine in. I’m allergic to the suspension. Go figure. You’d think that modern science would make some kind of provision for egg-white allergic people like me. I’m certain that I am not the only one!

Enough whining. I digress.

We stayed in yesterday — so no turkey. But that’s okay because Christmas is rapidly approaching and I AM DONE with my Christmas shopping!!!!! I did all of it online PRE-BLACK-FRIDAY!!! Wow, that is really the way to go. I am already getting package deliveries. So one HUGE hassle has been eliminated!!!

Hope that everyone is having a good Black Friday. Continued prayers out to all of my friends in the Philippines.