Future of American Healthcare

Even though the reports are showing that the website for ObamaCare is working better, I am still very wary of the idea of socialized medicine. I am concerned about the future of American healthcare. I don’t like the government telling me WHAT kind of . . . Read More




Josh Romney to the Rescue

Josh Romney, son of Mitt Romney, was driving home from having Thanksgiving dinner when he witnessed an accident. An automobile carrying four people ran a red light and crashed into . . . Read More



No Fix For Californians

California’s health insurance exchange board of directors has rejected President Obama’s fix whereby insurance companies that do not comply . . . Read More



Now They Will Not Even Say Its Name — Obama Care

Before the president’s popularity began dropping, the word for America’s socialized medicine was “Obama Care.” This was the president’s legacy legislation in fundamentally changing the health . . . Read More



Piggy Bank On Pennies

Obama Care Subsidy Discriminates

If you are two single people living together, you can each make $45,959 annually to qualify for an Obama Care subsidy. If you and your housemate are both making $45,959 each . . . Read More



ISLAM_terrorist_kidnappers-thumb[1]Porous Borders Invite Terrorism

Earlier this year, I read that according to chatter on social media, Islamic State extremists are developing increased interest of the easy-to-cross border of the United States and . . . Read More




States Rejecting Obama Care Fix

The most recent state to reject President Obama’s “fix” of allowing people to keep their old insurance for an extra year is California. In fact, nine states so far have voted against it. The federal government must allow states to reject the fix because each state has . . . Read More




Temerarious Times

We are living in temerarious times. People are killing and maiming each other people at Black Friday sales. Our brave U.S. veterans are being locked . . . Read More