I am often unimpressed by how I tend to judge other people. Maybe this is something that all people do innately. I take in my environment and the people around me and form my own opinions that are based on my first impressions — which, incidentally, are generally one hundred percent wrong. It’s a good thing that I am not a police detective or physician — where first impressions can be life and death considerations! After I make my first impression of the people I come in contact with, I then chastise myself for being so judgmental of others — like I walk on the water or something.


Do other people sum up others in the way that I do? Or am I the only one?


The good news is that, after I mentally scold myself for forming a particular judgment of another person, I am able to unscramble all my mental errors and arrange them in a more orderly fashion in my mind. Then my impression is more realistic, kinder and subject to change.