Finding Fulfillment in Retirement

When you finally reach the Golden Years, you want them to be your best. But with retirement looming just around the corner, and not knowing quite how you are going to fill the hours, it’s a little bit daunting. But take heart, retirement can usher in . . . Read More


AD-14 Class-2Finished School

Well, school is over — for good, I think. I completed my certificate as an alcohol and drug counselor. I will miss all of my school friends and teachers. . . (That is me in the red in the front, middle of the picture.) . . . Read More




Happiness in Retirement

It takes a while before feeling entirely happy in retirement. This is because, after living and functioning in the fast lane for forty+ years, you are not going to learn how to . . . Read More





One of the things that my husband and I want to do in the future is to travel. We would like to go to Europe, specifically Italy first. Well, at least I would, and my hubby will follow me anywhere. . . . Read More