When you finally reach the Golden Years, you want them to be your best. But with retirement looming just around the corner, and not knowing quite how you are going to fill the hours, it’s a little bit daunting. But take heart, retirement can usher in the best time of your life.

* How Will You Live? *

The first issue you must address is that of income. Whatever you do will have to be within the limits of your pension, 401-K, Keogh plan, Social Security income, retirement plan, or whatever other source of revenue you have. But once you’re set financially, now what?

* What I Did *

I retired at age 51 with a small nest egg and no idea of what I was going to do. But, over time, I developed a plan. During this time, I remarried and decided to go back to school. Now at age 57 I have finished my education and do volunteer work in the field that was my major in college. Since I didn’t need the money, I decided not to become an employee. After thirty years of working for other people, I decided that I had “done my time.”

* Some Ideas *

There are as many things to do in retirement as there are days of the year. You can get a part-time job, do volunteer work, spend time with your children and grandchildren, read, run, teach literacy to adults who can’t read, join a gym, reorganize your house, plant a flower garden, take your dog to obedience training, write, volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, start a small business, make crafts, join a Bunco club, volunteer at a senior center to welcome new people, learn to play golf, help at a food bank, become a nanny, start a catering business, grow all your own fruits and vegetables, volunteer at a homeless shelter or a battered women’s home, walk, become a wedding planner, join the League of Women Voters, or volunteer at a children’s hospital to rock premies to sleep. Just because you are retired, does not mean that you are obsolete. Older people, on the whole, are calmer and more focused because they have learned and incorporated many of life’s important lessons. Senior citizens have a wealth of knowledge to give the younger generation.

If you are looking for a cause worth volunteering your time to, check out the Angel Network on You can also Google “volunteer opportunities” with your city and state to get some good leads. There are many worthy causes to volunteer your time to. Altruism can be an excellent way to find fulfillment. It doesn’t cost anything and it will give you purpose and satisfaction. I guarantee that you will receive far more than you give.

* Those Happy Golden Years *

Retirement can be a time when you learn new things, continue your education, and expand as a human being. Senior citizens have more time and energy than younger people who have to worry about working and raising children. So take advantage of this extra time, and make your retirement years your best ever.