De-Stress for Success

The most optimal thing that you can do to improve your quality of life is to de-stress for success. But this is excruciatingly difficult for most people. Each morning they hit the ground running, with a to-do list a mile long. When they close their eyes at night, they feel overwhelmed and unhappy with themselves for not finishing all the tasks they had planned to accomplish that day.

The goal in life is to work, play, love and enjoy the journey. But this isn’t going to happen unless you learn to eliminate stress. Take a look at these stress busters and see if any of them may just help you to create a happier, calmer, less stressful existence for you and your family.


Get Enough Zzzzzzz’s

Why is sleep always the first need sacrificed when people need more hours in their day? This is especially destructive because sleep is unequivocally necessary to life. Instead of sleeping to feel better and eliminate stress, most people function in a sleep-deprived state.

If you don’t get eight or nine hours of sleep each night, you will have blunted reactions the next day. Your heart will be negatively affected, and your nervous system will take a hit. Your blood pressure may jump, and you will end up feeling emotionally drained.

People don’t make optimum decisions when they are habitually sleep deprived. If you find yourself only getting five or six hours of sleep at night, stop and try to figure out where you can build more sleep time into your night. This one change is worth all the stress busters combined. Your brain, body, family and co-workers will thank you, and you will live longer, too.


Make a List

Most families are comprised of two bread winners. Before and after working at an outside job, there is still a great deal to do, like feeding and bathing children, supervising homework and doing household chores. Most people use their time in between destinations to cram in errands like shopping, taking in the dry cleaning, getting gas, etc.

Here is an easy stress buster: Get yourself a day planner and begin writing down everything you need to do. This will eliminate stress in a big way. Check off each task as you finish it. Whatever you don’t get done, transfer it onto the list for the next day. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as you check off each finished task. This is one small way to de-stress that pays big dividends in the end.


Take Your Lunch Break

The economy has made it necessary for employers to expect less workers to handle more work. Taking your lunch break each workday is a good way to de-stress and refresh yourself for the afternoon. It’s amazing how one hour in a resting environment can eliminate stress and improve overall efficiency. Your success depends upon your ability to produce, and this one stress buster will up your productivity significantly.


A Day of Rest

Designate your first day off as a work day where you mow the lawn, vacuum and do other household chores. Use your other day off as a day to unwind, de-stress, go to church, go on a picnic, spend time with the family, take the dog for a walk and regroup mentally. This stress buster will help you mentally, physically and even spiritually. Eliminate stress by taking one day of the week to relax.



I promise you that, in the end, no one will care how squeaky clean your house was or how many initials you had after your last name. What they will care about, though, is the kind of person you were and the positive influence that you had on others. Learn to de-stress now and create a slower, calmer, happier life for you and your family. It will teach you just what is really important and what is not.